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"My art is a part of who I am. Through my art, I attempt to express myself and share the frequency around the world."
- Palshu

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About Palshu

Pax, (aka Palshu) is a visual artist and electronic musician blending bass music, indie electronic, trap music, and every genre you can and cannot think of. Pax started learning and practicing music at a young age. Besides music production and visual arts, he likes to write novels & stories and code programs. In 2019 Palshu founded Unity 6D, a small project mainly focused on supporting aspiring artists of all sorts of art forms.
As a person who seeks meaning and connection in almost everything, he’s determined that his project, “Palshu” will help spread the frequency he wants to spread around the world. Dive into the world of Palshu, enjoy the ride and be prepared to be taken on a mysterious dimension.


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