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the complete Palshu catalogue available on spotify plus some music from his favorite artists.


a youtube playlist featuring all Palshu releases (including remixes) to date.


Who is Palshu?

22 year-old-artist Palshu is no stranger to the world of music. As an artist who started making music at a young age, it’s safe to say Palshu has spent time making records that span many genres.

Palshu is an experimental bass producer. He began teaching himself how to make music at the age of 14. His obsession with music led him to learn all the genres he could make. He began navigating through different genres of music, starting with hip-hop, downtempo, house, electronica, pop and bass music. He was so obsessed with bass music that he started blending bass with all other genres of music he knew. That can be clearly heard in his most recent releases.

As a person who seeks meaning and connection in everything, he’s determined to spread the frequency he wants to spread around the world. Dive into the world of Palshu, enjoy the ride, and be prepared to be taken on a mysterious dimension.

astralsync Media

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astralsync Media is a creative company/collective founded by Palshu in 2018. It's a collective of artists, curators, record-labels and art/game/anime-enthusiasts. We're currently working on branding it and creating useful tools and resources for our members. We exclusively run on discord which also acts as Palshu's official Discord server and It is one of the few places you can hang out with him.

Feel free to join If you like what Palshu does or If you want to meet other artists and like-minded people.
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Leave My Head (ft. Marck)


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    Who is Pax Red?

    Pax Red is a visual and musical artist.

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    "A drum sample pack I gave away for free on my 21st birthday."

    "A cloud folder containing all my releases to date (320kbps MP3) + bonus ;)"

    Twenty One - Drum Pack

    Palshu - Twenty One

    Preview Below

    I gave away a future bass/trap/pop/bass drum pack on my 21st birthday for free.

    It's not free anymore, but you can still get it for $3+.

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    GG, MORTAL!!!

    Prepare yourself with notepad/a piece of paper and a pen. Now you need to combine the code I gave you earlier which is JQB with the one you got from the link earlier.
    eg. JQB<code you found> write it down somewhere. You'll need that later.

    Once you do that just hit start and I'll guide you.


    You shall take the following code with you:
    And find the ending part of the code here in the description somewhere.
    Don't forget to give it a thumbs up.

    Come back here once you do that. The final step awaits you here.